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Who We Are


Topaz ICT Solutions Ltd is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) registered in the FCT and operating from Lagos and Abuja.

Exceeding expectations, understanding our clients' businesses and developing robust high-quality solutions at surprisingly affordable costs are the key differentiators that set Topaz apart from other ICT firms.

Topaz is totally customer-driven, hence, employs the best practices in business process reengineering (BPR) analysis to make our clients more agile and profitable, by providing them with advanced ICT expertise and high quality software solutions.

Topaz is an automated security systems provider for secure homes and offices. Topaz Solutions is a full cycle development company. Our exceptional team of professional software engineers, programmers, graphic artists, database administrators, and network engineers builds quality directly into our work through rigorous adherence to methodology.

Our Vision

Proudly a Nigerian company providing world-class ICT solutions of the highest quality for businesses, SMEs and government establishments. We aim at delivering services which will open new possibilities for our customers.

Our Mission

Topaz enables businesses and organizations increase their business/organisational value through the use of ICT technologies, at surprisingly affordable costs.

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The Best of Professionals

Topaz comprises of a team of young, highly skilled professionals who share an amazing drive for excellence, quality, and originality. The team is highly dedicated and motivated; however, this is better experienced than simply heard.

In the Nigerian web technologies marketplace, Topaz has some of the most skilled talents in web design and marketing.

The company is managed by a seasoned team of professionals with years of industry experience and expertise.

Please meet the crew:

  • Michael Okoye, Managing Director

    Michael has years of experience in the public and private sector on business development, project analysis, project execution and management.

    Michael has in depth knowledge on computer data management, he trained as a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) with NIIT, trained as an information Essentials 1& 2 and open source programming with NITDA

    He graduated as an Electrical Electronics Engineer; he has worked with state and Federal Government on different levels. He believes in where there is challenge there is an opportunity.

    Ifeanyi Nwankwo, Chief Financial Officer

    He has a vast knowledge, training, and hand on experience in financial management analysis, taxation and auditing.

    He is an accounting graduate, with private and public sector financial management experience.

    He is very calculative and a good team player, believes in getting the job done right and in good time, he believes in "Never Pray for a Lighter Load but Stronger Back"

  • Mubarak Mohammed, Executive Director/Chief Marketing Officer

    Mubarak has in-depth knowledge when it comes to marketing and meeting a target, he is a graduate of Electronics and Computer Engineering from the Birmingham City University.

    He has worked with the several renowned IT firms at various capacities. He is renowned as a go getter and believes that nothing is impossible if only you try hard enough.

    Ugochukwu Chukwu PhD, Program/Project Management/HRM Consultant

    Ugochukwu Chukwu is an astute, well-rounded Project Manager and Procurement Consultant with over 3 years’ experience in International Business Development, Strategy formulation and Procurement.

    He is a gifted problem solver with the unique ability to develop and apply innovative solutions to business problems. He possess excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills with a proven ability to perform superbly in start-up projects and critical assignments

    Ugochukwu is an alumni of Cambridge Arts and Science, Aston University (BSc Business and Management), University of Warwick (MSc Program/Project Management) and currently midway through a PhD in HRM at Walden University, USA.

  • Alfred Osemeka, Network Infrastructure and Telecoms Lead

    Alfred is an IT professional that has experience in the telecommunication, is versed in IT security architecture, project analysis, project execution and management.

    Alfred has in depth knowledge on computer data management, Network Design, Networking, and Cisco Systems Products, strong information technology professional. He is certified in Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and Certified in Cisco Certified Network CCNA trained in various Operating System (OS) Network Security solutions. Extensive experience in providing support for major OEM solutions.

    He graduated as a Computer Electronics Engineer; he has worked with both telecoms and IT Firms like GILAT SATCOMS, STARCOMS and ActivEdge Technologies Ltd. He currently oversees the planning, execution, and management of projects related to Network infrastructure, IT compliance and security solutions.

  • ThankGod Ukachukwu, Software Development Lead

    ThankGod has years of experience and extensive knowledge of Enterprise applications development. In the world of software engineering, application development, modeling and database management, Ukachukwu has made his mark.

    ThankGod led the team that developed the online real-time, ERP application for Medium and small scale Businesses; singlehandedly developed a hotel application for used by several hotels, consulted for federal ministries.

    Apart from his degree, he is a certified Java Developer. Added to these industry specific professional certifications are Certified Internet Webmaster Associate (CIWA) and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP). He is also very vast in project management with latest techniques and tools. He has worked as an IT Trainer with Afrihub ICT Institute.

  • Anthony A. Igwe, Web and Mobile Applications Lead

    Anthony is a proven computer scientist with extensive knowledge of building 21-century web-based platforms.

    Anthony has been involved in building serval world-class dynamic and up to per solutions that have changed the small-scale enterprise ranging from schools, churches, laundry service both as an individual and as a team member.

    He has a Degree in computer science, diploma in professional computer studies and a Mini MBA in Lagos Business School (Pan Africa University)

  • David Nkpoku, Biometrics & Security Solutions Lead

    David Nkpoku, a Computer Science graduate of Lagos State University has over a decade of visual, web and mobile experience.

    In the biometrics and automated security solutions scene, he has affiliations with leading companies based in Lagos, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America, India and Singapore to deliver turnkey and bespoke solutions via Topaz.

    In the biometrics and automated security solutions scene, he has affiliations with leading companies based in Lagos, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America, India and Singapore to deliver turnkey and bespoke solutions via Topaz.

    He has helped brands from various industries such as Mercedes-Benz Nigeria, Interswitch Group, Unilever, Nutricima (Subsidiary of PZ Cussons), Fidelity Pension Managers, Samsung Nigeria, Co-ca Cola Nigeria, Coscharis Technologies and many more.

The Topaz Solutions Advantage

We are partnered with several other ICT companies, which gives us access to an increased wealth of resources at minimal cost. These savings are reflected in your bills.

Not only do we continuously strive to ensure highly competitive pricing, we have a flexible scheme that allows us to work with our clients to determine suitable payment milestones.

No matter the size or scale of your project, you are assured of our usual fast, friendly and reliable customer service.


Topaz Solution’s strives is to make its customers more agile and profitable. We aim at providing you with advanced ICT expertise and leading-edge technologies to keep you several steps ahead of your competition.

Below are a few of the benefits our current clients are enjoying:

  • Seamless Scalability
  • Hands-On Production Control and Versioning
  • Superior Quality and Documentation
  • Creative Solutions That Meet Your Challenge
  • Superior Project and Resource Management
  • Convenient Payment Scheme

Our Operating Principles

Verifiable Information

We offer you documents, references, artifacts, etc to prove our expertise, not just words. We never make unsupported claims.

Cultural Collaboration

We are experienced in bridging the gaps between different cultures and business traditions. We work with our customers on the basis of respect for their local approaches and business practices while employing the advantages of globalization.

Ingenuity and Professionalism

Although we base our solutions on sophisticated principles and technologies, they are still easy to use and understand. We know how to make complicated things simple and useful.